Wellness Wednesday #4: Homemade Comfort Food

Good Afternoon! Today's Wellness Wednesday is about homemade comfort. Pizza is a food that everyone loves and I feel that there is a pizza for everyone no matter your eating preferences. It's also a food that I would love to eat all the time but unfortunately I can't consciously do that. I love to cook … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday #4: Homemade Comfort Food

Sizzling Sunday #2

Good afternoon! Today's sizzling Sunday is all about the grill. I love grilled food and since the weather has been consistently beautiful the past couple of days, grilling while enjoying the weather and each others company was the perfect Sunday treat. My boyfriend made barbecue chicken legs with corn and peppers and it all melted … Continue reading Sizzling Sunday #2

Wellness Wednesday #1: Iron Enhancement

Hello All, I hope everyone is having a great start to their day (hump day!). I am jumping on the bandwagon and starting Wellness Wednesdays so each week I will post something health related. To start off the first one I will be talking about ways to enhance iron absorption within your diet. Many girls … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday #1: Iron Enhancement