Freeing Friday #4: Flowers

Good Morning!

My freeing for today comes from flowers. I love flowers. I haven’t seen a flower that I haven’t thought was beautiful. Some of them don’t smell the best, like the flowers on Pyrus Calleryana trees. They look pretty but the flowers smell like fish and you can smell them from a mile away. We have many of them in our neighborhood and whenever we take walks the smells never fails to greet us! Fortunately, we don’t have one in our front yard. When I was in college, we had a huge one right in front of our door that would instantly hit us in the face when I opened the door. The good thing is that the flowers don’t have a long lifetime and the suffering is brief.

We do have two beautiful rose bushes in our back yard that bloom so beautifully every spring. They’re so bright, full of color, and smell amazing! It is a true joy to see them when walking outside.


Flowers seem to catch my eye no matter where I go. Whether I’m driving on the highway, taking a walk around the block, or even watching something on T.V. that has flowers in the background. They’re nature’s beautiful pops of color that I think can be taken for granted sometimes.

As of right now I don’t have a favorite flower, maybe that’ll change as I get older.

What are your favorite flowers?

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