Wellness Wednesday #8: Wise Grilling

Good Morning!

I read this little tip sheet on www.eatright.org about the rules of separation for grilling and thought I would share it because it’s simple but has great information.

With the summer approaching in the near future and consistently warm weather, grilled foods become a staple in many households including mine! During the very beginning of the spring season we would cook on the grill every single warm day that we got and we were always pleased with the results. We usually grill corn, bell peppers, potatoes, chicken and a few burgers. It always comes out incredibly delicious and I honestly think that even if we grilled every week, for the entire summer, we wouldn’t get tired of eating it.

With that being said, food handling and safety is extremely important! Especially when you are dealing with raw meat, cooked meat, produce, and other food groups all at the same time. These 5 simple but very important rules will help to make sure you’re taking the right steps to making sure you keep you and your families safe.


This is a screen shot of the 5 rules but the link to the website is here: https://www.eatright.org/homefoodsafety/four-steps/separate/the-rules-of-separation-at-the-grill

rules for grilling

I hope these are helpful tips and that this grilling season is amazing!

What are your favorite things to grill?

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