Wellness Wednesday #7: Farmers’ Markets!

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far and having great weather! This week I wanted to talk about Farmers’ Markets. I live in a state that doesn’t provide vital temperatures for crops year round so when spring rolls around I am super excited for the flowers to bloom and Farmers’ Market season to begin!

We cook at least 5 days out of the week and I enjoy incorporating a variety of vegetables into each meal. During the winter months choose frozen vegetables more often than fresh for things such as peppers and onions. I love strawberries and professed my love for them on last Friday’s Freeing blog but during the winter I miss them because I don’t like them frozen unless I use them in a smoothie. I will also buy frozen blueberries/ mixed berries to add into pancakes and sweets but it doesn’t have the same aroma and taste as fresh fruits and vegetables do.

A local farmers’ market near my house sets up in a school parking lot every Thursday from 4-7. They offer many goods including  produce plants, flowers/seeds, homemade preserves, breads, and a variety of other things. Then a farmers’ market comes to my place of work every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 11-5pm and they offer fresh produce all sorts of fruits and vegetables as well as flowers and breads. Between the two of them I look forward to purchasing many goods throughout the season.

This past Friday I went to the market at my job and purchased about 4 or 5 golden potatoes, 5 red potatoes, and 2 sweet potatoes for four dollars and some change. The potatoes were pretty big in size and perfectly imperfect. They didn’t all look the same like they do in the store and they still had dirt on them. I was very pleased with my purchase and if I had more time on my lunch break, I’m sure would’ve purchased more.

The farmers’ market give everyone a great chance to connect with their community, support local farmers, buy and consume fresh foods and help the environment all at once. I found a website that helps locate markets in your area so that you can give it a try and see what things you see that you would like to try. It even gives you a list of winter markets which I think is super cool and I’m very excited about!

What are your favorite things to buy at farmers’ markets?

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