Simple Baked Caesar Chicken


I stumbled across this incredibly easy recipe for Caesar chicken on Pinterest. I was in search for something new that wouldn’t require me to buy a lot of different ingredients, if any at all. When I saw the recipe I was ecstatic because I already had Caesar dressing and chicken thighs.

I washed the chicken off and rubbed it with a drizzle of olive oil,  fresh cracked pepper, oregano, parsley, dried onion, and Italian seasoning blend. Then I mixed a bowl Parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing and poured it over the chicken thighs. After all of the chicken was evenly coated it sprinkled some more fresh cracked pepper on top and then put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about a hour. I took it out and it was cooked to perfection! The recipe only called for Caesar dressing, Parmesan and chicken but I always add my own little favorite seasonings to the mix.

For the sides we had white cheddar pasta shells, which was the perfect pair for the chicken along with broccoli.

It was very simple and quick prep which allowed me to do a ton of other things while the chicken cooked. It will definitely be added to our rotation of dinner recipes!

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