Freeing Friday #3

Happy Friday!

My Freedom for today is Strawberries.

I loveee strawberries and anything strawberry flavored. I tend to go a little overboard when strawberries are in season but they’re just an amazing snack packed with an abundance of nutrients as outlined here:

They’re also great for providing hydration during the hotter months as they are approximately 90% water.

I eat them as is cut up for a snack or I add them to bread items such as pancakes, waffles, or muffins.

They also add a refreshing taste to a glass of water as well as fresh squeezed lemonade. They’re also great in orange juice or mimosas if you’re of age.

One thing that I plan to make in the near future is a strawberry shortcake. This was my favorite dessert as a child but I haven’t had it in years. I will probably make a smaller version like a few cupcakes with strawberries on top.

I’ve tried a few variations of chocolate covered strawberries and most of them were good, which was surprising because I’m not a huge chocolate person. I guess the strawberries really made it work for me!

I eat strawberries year round but I enjoy them the most of course when they’re in season and when I can get them from a farmer’s market. The way the strawberries in the store look sometimes persuades me not to purchase them because I know that they weren’t grown naturally and I’m sure they taste that way.

Enough about strawberries,

What kind of fruits make you happy and feel free?

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