Freeing Friday #2

Good morning!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week filled with productivity and great vibes.

Today’s Freeing Friday is the sky. I love nature and how complex it is but simple in the same token. I’ve always been interested in the sky, both day and night. The beautiful colors while the sun rises and sets. The brightness of the moon and sun at their prime times of the day. The variety of clouds at any given moment or the complete clear blue sky. Planes and birds flying around alike and the gorgeous rainbows that appear after a storm. I love to see the sky change when a storm is coming and how it starts with clouds moving at a faster pace and then progresses into the sky getting dark and random boughts of lightning start to appear. All of it just permeates me with such joy and happiness. Everyday brings a different feel or presence and I look forward to each. I sleep with the windows open and the shades cracked so as soon as the sun comes up, I wake up and start my day. I thrive off of the sun and at night I love to see how bright the moon is and what stage it’s in.

Are any of you sky fanatics like me? If so, what’s your favorite part?

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and do something that makes you incredibly happy!

Until next time..

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