Wellness Wednesday #5: What food is your state known for?

Hello All!

Happy Wednesday!

I stumbled upon this resource on Choosemyplate.gov called MyPlate, MyState. MyPlate, MyState provides information on what foods, flavors, and recipes your state or territory is known for.

When you type in the website it is going to show you a map of the United States. You then can click on the state of your choice and it will give you information regarding that state. It displays the states locally grown and produced foods for each food group (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy). It also shares the official products of that state and “Did You Know?” facts about the state regarding food.

I thought this was a very cool and useful tool to not only learn about the state that you live in, but also when traveling. You can look at a future vacation state and see what they’re known for and have an idea of what foods you definitely have to try while you’re there. You can also share what you find about your state with your friends, family, and loved ones to see if they knew about some of the foods.

I’m from Virginia and I was surprised at what I learned!

What state are you from?

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