Freeing Friday #1


Everyone loves the thought of Friday and the beginning of the weekend so I thought I would make a weekly “Freeing Friday” that displays things/places that make me feel free and happy (:

Today I wanted to begin with my most favorite place ever, THE BEACH. I loveeee the beach and jump at any chance I can go to one. A couple of weeks ago I went on vacation to Raleigh, NC and then from there we went to Myrtle Beach. It was my first time being there and I absolutely fell in love! We went at a great time because the weather was warm during the day and cool at night. It was also still considered “off season” so it was very quiet and peaceful which is exactly what we needed. Everything about the stay was absolutely amazing. We were even upgraded to an ocean front view room at no extra cost. So I could listen to the ocean while were in the room, when we ate breakfast, and then we would actually go out onto the beach as well. The beach is definitely my happy place and makes me feel so grounded and one with everything. It gives me such inner peace and calming effects. When I have trouble sleeping I listen to waves crashing music on Spotify and to have it in real life was a dream. When were on the beach there was a bird that nested right in front of us and was just relaxing as people walked by and the waves crashed. It was funny but also nice to see the bird taking in everything like I was…. Grounded me once again.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

IMG_5158IMG_5156 (1)

What are your favorite beaches to go to?

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