Simple Nutritious Dinner



I just wanted to share my dinner from last night with you all because it was very good but also very nutritious. I haven’t had fish in a while so I decided to pick up some wild caught salmon from Walmart while I was out, along with some other staple groceries for the week.

I took out about 4 pieces of salmon and while they were thawing out I began to prepare the sides. I made macaroni and cheese and ate left over peas. I cooked the salmon in a pan with lemon pepper seasoning and added extra cracked black pepper to give a little more kick to it. I cooked each side for about 15 minutes on a low setting so it was perfectly browned. I also added fresh squeezed lemon juice at the end.

For the macaroni and cheese I used Rotini pasta along with Ragu’s cheese sauce and shredded sharp cheddar cheese with a little bit of butter. I mixed all of the ingredients up and then let it back in the oven for about 15 minutes or so until the top browned.

The peas were already done and just an easy addition to the meal. The only thing I would add to them is a little bit of pepper.

I must say, the meal was delicious and packed with nutrients! Nutrients include omega 3, selenium, potassium, and many B Vitamins in the salmon alone! Because the peas were canned, they don’t have as many nutrients as fresh peas would but they still added a little bit of fiber, iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. The Rotini pasta added a lot of B Vitamins as well and the cheeses added calcium.

What sides do you like to pair with Salmon?… Or your favorite fish if you don’t like Salmon.

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