Wellness Wednesday #3: Say Yes

Good morning! Today’s Wellness Wednesday is about being present and saying yes.

A couple of weeks ago my boss announced that she wanted to take my coworkers out to dinner as a thank you for all of the hard work that we’ve been doing and just to show that she appreciates us.

The day approaches and it seems like from the very moment I got up that morning until I got off I was dodging curveballs every hour, as well as all of my coworkers that were there with me.

We’ve all had a day, and I for one was ready to just go home, pour a glass of and relax….. but I said yes and went along anyway and it was the perfect ending to my night. The food was amazing and the service was great! I got baked ziti and an apple turnover that was bigger than my face! I will definitely be going back in the near future.

It was great to see everyone happy and outside of our dungeon of an office and really enjoy everyone’s company, even if it was only for a hour. None of us were on our phones and we were truly enjoying the food, the company and being present. Its those times that build relationships and keep you motivated to move forward.

We all enjoyed our meals and even got dessert with it which was icing on the cake (literally).

The take home of this blog is to say yes more.. you never know how amazing that yes could turn out to be. Life is too short to stay confined to a routine every single day.

Until Sunday,


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