Sizzling Sundays #3

Hello All!

I hope everyone has had a great and relaxing weekend. Today’s Sizzling Sunday meal will be Kielbasa! We had a lot of rice leftover from dinner last night so I had the idea of cooking some turkey kielbasa and putting it over the rice and I was the perfect dinner!

I sauteed the kielbasa with fresh onions, yellow and red bell peppers and then my boyfriend mixed it all in the rice along with some cracked black pepper. It was a very easy and satisfying meal and we had plenty enough afterwards for another sitting. I have some broccoli and more peppers and onion that I might add to it for the next time that I eat some of it.

Kielbasa is also really good paired with pasta and a light sprinkle of cheese, or it’s also good on a hot dog bun with your favorite veggies and toppings. Kielbasa is very versatile which is why I really enjoy it and look forward to eating it. Do any of you eat Kielbasa? If so, what meals do you make with it?

Until next week,



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