Wellness Wednesday #2: Eat Your Colors


Good Morning, All!

Today’s theme will be “Eat your colors”. I like to talk about this because so many key nutrients come from the foods that we consume. It’s always best to get your nutrients from whole foods, rather than supplements; although some diets make it hard for some nutrients to be available and stored. It is recommended that we eat a “rainbow” of colors with every meal, aiming to eat something from each color of the rainbow. I try my best to add as many colors to my meals as possible to maximize on the amount of nutrients I get each day.

A sample meal plan for me includes the following:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with red/orange/yellow bell peppers and onions with a cinnamon raisin bagel topped with butter and jelly. For the beverage I usually drink a 100% fruit juice and water.


  • Lunch: A sandwich on sliced bread or a tortilla with turkey, lettuce, mayo, spicy mustard, Swiss/cheddar. Garden salad using iceberg or romaine lettuce with carrots, croutons, and ranch or Italian dressing. For beverage I tend to stick with water.


  • Dinner: Sauteed chicken with red/orange/yellow bell peppers and onions. Green beans or another garden salad, with a starch. I love sweet potatoes but sometimes I’ll do rice or pasta. I usually have a cookie or some sweet treat for dessert and my beverage is water or ginger ale.


  • Snacks: Bagel with cream cheese, pretzels, salsa and chips, rice and beans, sweet potato chips, chips.

I tend to gravitate toward vegetables for my meals rather than fruits because I cook a lot and love the flavors that the vegetables give when they’re all cooked together. I also have more of a savory palette rather than sweet, and vegetables are more versatile for every season.

I have made a list of “colors” and have been making it my job to incorporate more colors with my meals and try new things.

Do you use a variety of colors in your meals?

Are you more of a vegetable or fruit person?

Until next week!



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