No Bread Journey

Hello All!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their day! I just wanted to update you all on my No bread journey. I didn’t eat bread for 20 days and I honestly think it was exactly what I needed to do. It was challenging at times but trying to come up with recipes that didn’t involve bread was also pretty fun. Bread is amazing but it’s a filler and can really hinder key vitamins and nutritional value that we need to get in our foods.

Whole grain and multi grain breads are always best when choosing bread but sometimes those options aren’t available, such as in a restaurant setting. I think the biggest thing I learned was moderation is key, and awareness of what you put into your body helps a lot.

I will continue to do No Bread every now and then and I challenge you all to try it out and see how long you can go without bread. You really get insight on your personal eating habits and also how prevalent bread is used in meals.

I hope you all continue to have a great day!

Be happy and Smile,


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