No Bread: Day 13

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far! Just wanted to give an update on my No Bread journey so far.

It’s still going well and I still haven’t had any bread but going to the grocery store is becoming harder each time I go. With thanksgiving rolling around pies, cookies, cakes, etc are being advertised and things are going on sale and my cravings go into over drive!

The two things that I’ve been craving are toast with jelly and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the most simplest of foods! I have thought about buying rice cakes and putting peanut butter and jelly on them to help with my cravings but haven’t actually done it yet. Creativity and thinking outside of the box to substitute bread is definitely key.

I am a big bread dessert person so that has also been a struggle trying to find an alternative. I’ve been using sweet potatoes with a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon as well as rice with brown sugar and cinnamon as my seeet treat the past couple of days. I’ve been craving ice cream as well so I think that will be added to my list of sweets.

Regular meals have been easy to prepare without bread and I really don’t miss it. It’s really the sweet treat sensation that I’m trying to fill.

Last night I made gravy burgers and rice with a tossed salad and it was the perfect hot meal for the super cold day that we had here. I also had to realize that I couldn’t use croutons on my salad because they technically count as bread… my grandma calls them “fried loaves of bread” lol so that was different and I love croutons! But that salad was still good and very refreshing.

As the journey continues I will give updates on how things are going! Let’s see how long I can do it! 😊

What are some of your favorite sweet treats that you like to indulge in? I’d love to know!

As always,

Be happy and smile.


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