Bucket list: The National Harbor

Hello All!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is well rested and charged for Monday morning 😊.

I just wanted to share an amazing experience that I had yesterday. I finally made it to the National Harbor, in Baltimore Maryland. I’ve been wanting to go to the Harbor for a few years now but wasn’t able to do it just because of school, work, and limited time at home but me and my boyfriend made the journey yesterday and it was everything we could’ve asked for.

It took us about a hour and a half to get there and the ride was pretty smooth. We walked all of the strips and looked at most of the stores to see what they had to offer. We ate at one of the restaurant on the strip called Fiorella Italian Kitchen. We got a cheese pizza with chicken, beef meatballs that were incredibly tender in a perfectly well seasoned marinara sauce, and fries that were cooked with rosemary and sea salt. The food was amazing and we had enough to take home with us which is always a plus. We walked the entire pier after we ate and even picked up a seashell in the sand. It was great to have the quality time to talk and just be in a different environment with each other.

The most exciting thing for me was getting in the huge Ferris wheel that’s over the water. We were both a little nervous when we first got on but once we saw the view below us, the worries went away and we took as many pictures as we could before we got off. I’m not a big fan of heights but I love doing new things and seeing things in a different light so it was an amazing experience. We had such a good time we didn’t want to leave, but it only preps us for the adventures that are to come.

It’s the simple adventures that keep us thriving as people and really recharge ourselves to keep going in our endeavors and put our best foot forward. It’s a very important part of our health… getting the chance to breathe and live something new and enjoyable.

Has anyone gone to the National Harbor? I’d love to hear about your experiences and favorite things to do there!

As always,

Be happy and smile.


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