Leftover are Lifesavers

imageHello! So yesterday I was scrambling to find something for dinner. I danced around my kitchen for about 15mins. Checking the fridge, the freezer, the pantry and then back to the fridge x10. Nothing seemed to catch my eye and I kind of felt like I was at a loss but I really didn’t want to order out. So I decided to go through one last round of checking and I found some leftover baked ziti I froze in the freezer from a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I opened the freezer bag it smelled like it was just freshly made. I put the pasta in a bowl and heated it up and to my surprise it tasted absolutely amazing! The noodles didn’t get soggy, the meat sauce was still amazing!! I topped it with some Parmesan cheese, ate the pasta with some water and was fully satisfied. Freezing leftovers really saves the day. Makes me excited to meal prep/ freeze meals for this semester of school! Pinterest here I come! Lol

I hope everyone had an amazing day!


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