Sautéed perfection


imageimageGood evening! Just wanted to share this simple but delicious meal I decided to make for dinner tonight. I sautéed 3 chicken legs in olive oil with a dab of coconut oil with onions, salt, pepper, and a mix of chicken seasonings. I rotated them until both sides were golden brown and the onions were cooked to perfection.

I then started on the fried rice. I heated a little bit of olive oil and waited it for it to reach the desired temperature. I added the rice, some white and yellow corn, carrots, peas and some onions along with a dash of soy sauce. I cooked it for about 13 mins. Or so and then set it aside.

I made a cup of tea with lemonade and also drank some water with my meal. It was extremely satisfying and simple!!

Now to enjoy the rest of the night and try to be productive! (:

I hope everyone had a delicious dinner and enjoys the rest of their night.

Be happy and smile,


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