Greens with a side of comfort food

Good evening guys! I hope everyone has had a wonderful and productive week! With the semester winding down the stress is sitting on what I need to prepare for my senior year. I know it’s going to be here before I know it! I’m excited, nervous, anxious, and proud of myself. College is a never ending struggle but it’s one of the most rewarding things that I’ve had the blessing to be a part of. In saying all of this, it can also be hard to maintain a healthy diet during stressful times when all you want to pig out on something greasy, fried, cheesy or a combo of all of these. My solution is to satisfy my body and my emotions. I make sure that the core of what I eat is healthy and then I’ll add a comfort food side.

Last night for dinner I had a piece of salmon that was pan cooked with a little bit of olive oil, onions, green peppers, a dash of salt and garlic salt. I also cooked some broccoli with onions. For my comfort food side, I chose mashed potatoes. All credits go to my amazing boyfriend who made the deliciousness. He used a combination of 4 red potatoes and 1 russet potato. He added milk, old bay seasoning, and other special seasonings that made it mouth watering and satisfying. I still had a good source of lean protein, lots of vegetables and comfort food. I was definitely happy, satisfied, and ready to have a good night’s sleep after eating that and washing it down with a cold ginger ale.

Don’t drive yourself crazy with trying to be perfect. Treat yourself and still live your life, just take the simple steps to live healthier. Instead of eating fried chicken try baked or rotisserie chicken. There’s tons of hacks to making your meals healthy, but still satisfying.

As always,

Be happy and smile (:


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