Basic Sweet Muffin Mix

Check out my friend, Tonia’s awesome blog post on yummy muffin recipes! Your mouth will water and you won’t regret it!

preserving the kitchen

blueberry muffin stack

Friday the hosts of the radio morning show I listen to on my way to campus asked:

“You cook ____ times a week?” Answers were sent in via email and the hosts read them on air.

I was shocked at the number of people who said things like: Does putting frozen pizza in the oven count? If so, I cook 4 times a week. OR I make up an excuse to get take out at least 5 times a week.

Thoughts raced through my head: Do they know how much money they’re wasting? How bad that food is for them? How cooking at home is not just tastier, but healthier, thriftier, and often times faster when you consider the time it takes to order, pick up, and drive home with take out.

Then I realized that I had turned into those callers!!  Since I have been in college my eating…

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