Stress Eating

Good morning everyone! The pressure has been on the last week at school for me and I have been indulging into those bad habits we call stress eating. I’ve been eating non-stop (seriously the only time I’m not eating is if I’m sleeping or in a class I can’t eat in). I’m just glad that I realized early in the game that I was starting to stress eat rather than 3pizzas, 4 large fries, and 5 burgers later. It all started from my strong cravings for certain foods such as pizza, which inspired my “Pizza-fanatic” post last week.

I got a large pizza and ate half of it in one sitting, that’s a lot for me considering it’s hard for me to eat 2 slices in one sitting most of the time. After I indulged, I realized I needed to nip this in the bud as much as possible.

I went to the store and bought grapes, lemons, water, bagels, and oven roasted turkey. I got 1.5 pounds of grapes so that they would last me for a couple of days and they have been saving me from eating chips or another unhealthy alternative. I loaded up on water so that I can always have it in hand and drink when I know I’m not hungry. Besides, I can always use more water. I got the bagels for a snack as well. I got cinnamon raisin bagels that I toast and out a little bit of butter and cinnamon on, and I got plain bagels that I can use to make a sandwich or toasted with cream cheese. I also put Italian seasoning and spinach on top of the cream cheese when I have it.

My actual meals tend to be nutritious, I just feel the need to snack every 5 minutes in addition to my meals.

Other tips to deal with stress eating:

•load up on Fruits! Easy to grab and will satisfy a sweet tooth. As a college student, time is minimal and sometimes we only have 3mins. To eat a few bites of food. Carrying an apple, banana, etc is easy and won’t take up much space in your bag.

•increase the amount of fluids you drink, it can help you to feel full.. And 9/10 you aren’t really hungry, you’re thirsty.

•exercise..burn off the stress and some calories while you’re at it!

•take a nap…. I know I’m very guilty of eating while trying to stay up to study or read that one last chapter before a test the next day. Sometimes our bodies need to replenish instead of refueling.


These are just a few simple way to deal with stress eating and I hope they help you! We’re all under daily stress and sometimes the stress reaches max potential.

In the mix of it all..


Be happy and smile (:


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