Breakfast is Always a Winner

Last night I was craving something different. I had pizza the night before, and for lunch as well so I needed “real” food. I went down to my kitchen and started looking through my refrigerator and the pantry. Nothing in the pantry jumped out at me. Then as soon as I opened the refrigerator door I noticed the brand new carton of eggs I bought and had and Ah Huh! moment. Breakfast was what I was going to make. Originally I planned on going all out with pancakes and strawberries on top, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and orange juice. Then I thought about it some more and decided to leave out the pancakes and orange juice. I cut up 3 potatoes, 1 yellow onion, and 1 green pepper and added it all to a pan with salt and pepper and let them cook for about 30 to 45 mins.

While they were cooking I decided to wash the dishes and be a little bit productive. After they were done, I made a fried egg and topped it with a slice of cheese. I then cut 2 slices of orange into my cup and filled it up with water for my beverage.IMG_6076 After eating I was very satisfied. I was full but not graugy and weighed down like a big meal full of carbs would make me feel. Breakfast foods are always my go to choice when I don’t know what I really want. Breakfast foods are also very easy to bring valuable nutrition to your diet as well. They’re all delicious!

As always,

Be happy and smile,



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